Technology agnostic product development specialists for hire.

Product Gang is a focused team of problem solvers planning, designing and building web applications and services. Based in Berlin and Münster we’ve been working with clients across industries with a strong passion for projects in the media space. Over the last six years we have successfully delivered ad server platforms, SaaS products, video on demand APIs and content management systems.

Shockingly practical approach

We're taking user-centred decisions with sustainability and security in mind, making use of both latest advances and trending technology as well as long time proven solutions. There's no dogma, no shortcuts. Utilizing whatever fits best, we are building on top of existing code and infrastructure.

Our approach has been put to the test at several hackathons, where you come up with and prototype a product in less than 48 hours. Using our workflows, tools and experience with service providers we are able to save time and free up budget that can be put to work for innovation.

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Let’s talk

Have a project or an idea that we can help you get off the ground? We value close collaboration with our clients working hand in hand from ideation to launch and beyond.

Challenge us at or call at +49 30 9599 8432.

Stay curious

We like sharing a selection of what we’ve enjoyed reading recently.

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